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Listeners Weigh In On Awkward Shugeta, Butterfly, Anna Radio Interview

Radio lovers were up for a treat yesterday as Power FM presenters, DJ Shugeta and Butterphly invited the former’s ex-lover, Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde as guest on their drive time show.

Awkward moments were a service of the day as listeners frequently observed and sensed tension between the estranged lovers.

At times, DJ Shugeta would attempt to direct questions at the guest who would respond with cold answers. The unpleasant atmosphere plunged even deeper when Anna disclosed that she is with a new man.

As if to emphasize Shugeta’s insignificance, she further disclosed that her new partner had been notified of the interview beforehand and played recorded audio evidence to back it up.

Listeners have since weighed in on the matter with some convinced that the two are still in love with each other while others dragged Shugeta for how he carried himself throughout the ordeal.

Check out some of the reactions below.

“Pana Shugeta na Anna pane Chemistry, Biology ne home economics zvese kkkkk,” Facebook user Best Faina said.
“Shugeta anenge Ari too controlling why did he put Anna’s phone away….but on the brighter side butterfly is looking jealous ane mafeelings towards shugie,”  opined Katraa Maviza.
“Even if you moved on but deep down uchiri nekamwe kahu Moira knight kaunako even how tlkin to shugeta haibo,” said AmiSha Carol.

Meanwhile, in more relationship drama, Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz’s estranged wife, Moira Knight will soon release a diss song giving a sneak peek into her tumultuous marriage with the award-winning singer.

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In the song, titled Wasunungura, Knight accuses the Hatipisike hitmaker of physical abuse and cheating on her during the span of their marriage.

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