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BancABC, Mama Money Launch Border Hopper Remittance Service At TM Pick n Pay Stores

BancABC Zimbabwe has today launched Border Hopper, an international remittance service that allows Zimbabweans abroad to send money home.

BancABC is the local banking subsidiary of Pan African group, Atlas Mara.

The Border-to-Border remittance service was launched with South Africa to Zimbabwe transfers being the first corridor with plans to extend the service to other countries in the region.

“The remittance service launched in partnership with Mama Money leverages on the Bank’s agency relationship with Pick n Pay and will allow Zimbabweans to send money through any Mama Money Agent in South Africa, including Pick n Pay stores, to their loved ones in Zimbabwe through Border Hopper,” said BancABC.

The funds can be collected at any one of over 40 BancABC kiosks in TM Pick n Pay stores across the country.

“Just over a year ago we launched City Hopper, our domestic remittance service that has proven to be quite popular with our clients. Today, we are excited to extend this service across borders with the launch of Border Hopper,” said BancABC Zimbabwe CEO, Dr. Lance Mambondiani at the product launch event.


“We are grateful for the hard-working Zimbabweans across the world that support their families and contribute to the development of the economy in difficult times. We have seen the spike in remittance values and volumes under the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic and we wanted to provide a fast, convenient and simple solution to allow our diaspora customers to do their transfers. What better way to do that than bringing the service to your backyard through Pick n Pay’s nationwide network.”

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Leanne Lancaster, Mama Money Chief Growth Officer said, “We are operating in 54 markets and look forward to expanding our partnership into multiple countries. The partnership will create additional stakeholder value ensuring all organisations gain through the cross-functional opportunities.”

The Border Hopper service is available to all Zimbabweans and recipients can collect funds at any BancABC kiosk in TM Pick n Pay stores nationwide after presenting their reference number and a copy of their national I.D.

“We’ve picked the right partner in BancABC, a partner that is proactive to bringing value to the business by innovating as fast as we do,” said Malcom Mycroft the TM Pick n Pay Zimbabwe Managing Director.

The Border Hopper service has been launched just in time for the festive season and the people at BancABC hope that for the millions of Zimbabweans that receive funds from abroad.

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