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Beware naughty motorists told

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on Wednesday registered agony over reckless drivers who cause accidents through anomalous speeds.

This call comes after an increase in the number of speed related accidents. During the 2014-2015 festive season 2,215 accidents were recorded of which 642 of the accidents were attributed to speeds.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Felisters Chikowore Mujanga warned speeding motorists that the strong arm of law would descend upon them.

This surfaced at a handover ceremony when Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) handed over two speed traps machines to ZRP.

“Our greatest enemy in fatalities is speed and let me take this opportunity to warn all those who recklessly drive. The law will take its course over all those who do not stick to speed limits on roads as well as those who drink and drive,” said Senior Assistant Commissioner Chikovero Mujanga.

The two new speed trap machines which are both valued at $12,000 were said to be a timely donation.


“These machines come at the right moment and will help us to monitor speed on the roads and we greatly appreciate this gesture,” she said.

She also said: “speed trap machines are very effective in controlling speed on the roads thus all speed merchants should desist from violating speed laws.”

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“Shortages of speed monitoring devices continue to hinder the traffic department from effectively caring out its duties,” she said without divulging the number of the machines the department has.

Speaking at the same event Mr Jonah Mangami, TSCZ Mashonaland Traffic Regional Manager said there is need to team up to eradicate speed related accidents.

“If we team up and fight speeding, we will soon be talking of an accident free zone,” he said.

He also said the donation comes at a time when collision in roads are increasing

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