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Performance Based Bonus, A Way To Underpay Us: Nurses

Health workers have expressed disgruntlement over the government’s announcement that the 2022 bonuses will be performance-based, saying they are failing to deliver due to poor working conditions in most public health institutions.

In an interview with 263Chat, Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union Of Zimbabwe, Douglas Chikobvu said government failed them as health workers by not addressing their working conditions which remained poor.

“We strongly feel that the government might try to get a scapegoat to undercharge us and avoid paying our bonuses decently. Above all, there is nothing to smile at given that most workers are wallowing in abject poverty courtesy of the government’s measly wages,” he said.

In a letter to Directors in the health sector, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr Jasper Chimedza said that with effect from this year, bonuses will only be paid based on performance-based appraisals.

“It is advised that with effect from this year, 2022, bonus will only be paid based on performance appraisal reports.

“Considering the foregoing, kindly ensure that all members of staff from Deputy director level and below are appraised as per the standard requirements,” said Chimedza.

The health system has been in shambles for some time now causing health services delivery to deteriorate.

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