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Carry Your Cross: Jonathan Moyo Aims Dig At Chamisa


Professor Jonathan Moyo Friday aimed a satirical dig at Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa when he told him to carry his own cross and stop burdening people with his long-time ambition to be the next Zimbabwean president.

This comes after Chamisa had warned his legislators who accepted US$40 000 loans from the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government, which the opposition leader heavily criticized.

Chamisa said his lawmakers would face punishment for allowing themselves to sup with the proverbial devil. He has since received widespread criticism with many causing him of being two-faced as he also benefitted from the same loans when he was still a member of parliament and a minister.

Posting on his Twitter page, Professor Moyo, cryptically told the opposition leader that he should let people shape their destinies without being chastised for their actions.

“In politics, everyone carries their own cross; if your destiny is to be President of Zimbabwe, then good for you, but don’t burden any person with your destiny, let people mind their own destinies; as for the presidency, it is only attainable via the electorate or the military!” Moyo said.

The two, Chamisa and Moyo, who once, albeit shortly, were in the same corner fighting Mnangagwa, have become political rivals as Moyo has since distanced himself from his association with Chamisa and his party.

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Moyo together with longtime friend Patrick Zhuwawo, recently caused a stir after they wrote an apology letter to the Zanu-PF party, a move seen by many as the first step to their returning to mainstream politics since their ouster during the 2017 military takeover.

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