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Chamisa Pays Tribute to Late Reverend Ellison Kamupira

Former opposition leader Nelson Chamisa delivered a moving speech at the funeral of prominent Nyaradzo Funeral Services chaplain Reverend Ellison Kamupira, who passed away in Harare on Saturday.

In his address, Chamisa spoke on the importance of unity and the advisory role that the late reverend played across the political divide.

Acknowledging the presence of government officials, Chamisa said, “There is no nation without a government whether you like it or not. I might be one of those who does not like it but it’s there, so we respect the government for the word of God says so, and when we get to politics we then talk of politics.

“I had some people saying Kamupira was an advisor to Chamisa, could it be that they belonged to the same party? No! An adviser counsels those in leadership even those who were in leadership,” said Chamisa

He also addressed criticism he has faced for referencing Bible verses in his messages

“I have faced criticism from politicians saying you are into (bible) verses, no I have seen the light and you haven’t seen it. I understood that in leading a nation there are things that come to pass and those that are coming. This life that we are living, we are people at a bus station but on this earth, we are preparing ourselves to go to heaven,” he said

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Describing Kamupira as a unifier, Chamisa spoke on the importance of unity beyond political affiliations.

“We are here (mourning) there are no political parties and as you are aware, I left politics, there are no political symbols because we are one people. Let’s remain united and not be divided by politics. Political parties come and go, as I understand it, I might not be there today but tomorrow I will be there. One might wonder what is he saying? God is the one who installs leaders and not the world,” he said.

Chamisa expressed gratitude to the late Kamupira for his role in unifying the nation, urging Zimbabweans to remain united and focused on building a better future together.

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