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Charges Against Property Developer A Counter Attack Says Ex Pokugara Properties Boss


Ex-Pokugara properties managing director Michael John Van Blerk has admitted that fraud charges against property developer George Katsimberis were a retaliation to a number of complaints against himself and his former employer.

Katsimberis is facing charges of fraud emanating from a botched joint venture agreement he entered into with Pokugara properties proprietor Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

While cross examining Van Blerk, Katsimberis’ lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni had asked the former on events that took place after September 2018 following a letter written by Pokugara properties nullifying the joint venture.

“There is a number of events that have occurred, the accused has made a number of complaints against Pokugara, against myself and a number of situations have occurred, I have been thrown in jail three times, I have been bullied, I have been threatened all as a matter in my humble opinion as method of making me to change my views of the facts that occurred,” said Van Blerk

An alert Kanengoni retorted “So this is a retaliation?” and Van Blerk strongly responded “Yes and I may state it is not the State in the prosecutor general that is prosecuting me, it is an entity called SACU which has nothing to do with the prosecutor general which the accused has some allies in….”

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Asked on whether Pokugara properties is in the same position that it was prior to the agreement and that the company had not suffered prejudice of more than US$ 883 000, Van Blerk said it was correct.

“As of today’s date that is correct but as of the date of 2018 two years after this supposedly agreement was signed we had suffered a potential risk being established….the risk was overcome” Van Blerk said.

Katsimberis reported a case of malicious damage to property after his then business partner Sharpe connived with City of Harare officials to destroy a show house he had constructed under the joint venture agreement.

This was despite the fact that Katsimberis had all the architectural designs approved by the City of Harare.

Katsimberis alleges that Sharpe and his accomplices went on to lie under oath when they submitted affidavits to the High Court to the effect that Katsimberis did not have approved plans for the show house.

This resulted in Katsimberis reporting them for perjury, the matter is still pending at the Harare Magistrates Court.

As a counter, in June 2020, Sharpe went and reported Katsimberis to the police for fraud alleging that he fraudulently misrepresented to Pokugara Properties that he had approved architectural plans.

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Trial continues on July 5 with Van Blerk under cross examination.

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