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Chitungwiza Ceiling Man Gets A New Look

A Chitungwiza man, Grant Mahlahla, who has been making waves after he was found hiding in the ceiling of his parents’ house has tidied up and is now spotting a fresh look.

Mahlahla was found in the ceiling when Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers visited their home to investigate a case that his mother was staying with her husband’s (his father) dead corpse.

In pictures that circulated on social media, Mahlahla was found with very long nails and unkempt facial hair, but he has just been spotted looking fresh in police custody.

Grant Mahlahla after (left) and before (right) tidying

Reacting to his picture with a normal look, most women reckoned that he is a handsome man.

“tichiti varume vashoma izvo vakawandiswa mumaceiling ekuchitungwiza,” Facebook user Chipo Mbizvo said.

“He is handsome but the fact tht he looks like passion Java gets me confused as to whether he is really handsome or not,” added Graciouse Gray Machingambi.

“Is he in a relationship already? Asking for my neighbor,” Melisa Nyambiya.

Meanwhile, according to neighbours, Mahlahla had last been spotted strolling the streets of Chitungwiza over 10 years ago.

“We used to see Grant 14 years ago and, after that, Gogo Mahlahla was the only person we would see.Taivawona vachibuda nekudzoka vakatakura bag ravo vakapfeka zvechechi. Her other children are based outside the country. Her husband was last seen in a wheelchair more than five years ago,” said the neighbour.

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His mother is said to have filed a sudden death report to police and the cops discovered the body of her husband in a decomposing state. ZRP Homicide Section had to attend the scene leading to Grant’s discovery in the ceiling.

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