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Chivhayo Demands Further Particulars In His $10 000 Bribery Case

Socialite and Harare business man Wicknell Chivhayo affectionately known as  ‘Sir Wicknell’ has demanded further particulars in a matter where he is accused of paying a $10 000 bribe to Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) boss Stanley Kazhanje.

Chivhayo, who is double appearing in the dock in this matter, first being the first accused and also being the representative of Intratrek Zimbabwe, requested further information from the State in order for him to prepare for his defense outline before he going for trial.

In his application, the socialite demanded a clear answer on on who between him and the company is being alleged to have undertook the transfer in question.

“Who is exactly is being alleged to have undertook the alleged transfer? What specific decisions is it alleged that were made by the ZPC board in favour of accused one and two?” queried Chivhayo through his lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri.

He further demanded minutes of a meeting that took place at the ZPC Company that favoured him with the tender.

Allegations are that Chivhayo and Chivhayo representing Intratrek Zimbabwe Company were favoured By Kazhanje who awarded them the Gwanda solar project tender.

Allegations further state that the influence was under a $10 000 bribery which Kazhanje, who was then the ZPC board Chairperson allegedly received from Chivhayo.

In his demands to prepare for his defense, Chivhayo said he needs all the paperwork that shows he was favoured and that Kazhanje was the then ZPC board chairperson.

He also questioned the contract allegedly signed by him and ZPC saying he needs confirmation.

Chivhayo further said  he needs answers on whether he did not comply with the contract.

Chivhayo was once dragged to court over the Gwanda solar project in which the state was accusing him of not doing the job as per the contract.

However, the High court found him not guilty of any charge and he was acquitted.

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