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Chivhayo, Ginimbi Lawyers Apply For Discharge


Fraud accused businessmen Wicknell Chivhayo and Genius Kadungure have applied for discharge after the state failed to bring witnesses to testify against the two accused persons.

Harare magistrate Morgan Nemadire is expected to make a ruling on the matter on 26 October 2018.

Through their lawyers, Lewis Uriri and Jonathan Samkange, Chivhayo and Kadungure have applied for a discharge after state prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu failed to call a witness who wanted to testify against accused persons.

Uriri who stood in for Chivhayo argued that his client is not guilty as there are no links connected to him after all witnesses who testified confirmed they did not know him.

Meanwhile, Samkange who is representing Kadungure also defending his client despite Chegutu East legislator Dexter Nduna testifying that the accused had called him to clear his name while nailing his accomplice Chivhayo.

The duo will be back in court on 26 October for a ruling on their application.


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