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Chiwenga Launches Integrated Typhoid Conjugate Vaccination Campaign

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has launched a nationwide typhoid conjugate vaccine to improve the thrust of line, particularly children.

By George Swarei

Health Minister, Constantino Chiwenga said the typhoid vaccine will help alleviate the spread of the chronic disease which has claimed hundreds of lives in and around the country in recent years, with poor water sanitation and hygiene, exacerbated by overcrowding and seasonal water shortages being the major causes.

“Access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene remain the mainstay of typhoid prevention and control…Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine provides another important complementary tool for epidemic control”, he said.

Chiwenga said the program will run from 24 May to 4 June and will account for over six million children from nine months to 15years of age.

According to Chiwenga, Zimbabwe is one of the first countries in the African region to introduce the typhoid conjugate vaccine into routine immunization.

“This naturally puts is on the regional and global mal for lessons and best practices”, He said.

Minister Chiwenga reiterated his government’s commitment to investing, strengthening, and modernizing the country’s health delivery system adding that the government’s vision 2030 cannot be achieved in the context of disruptive outbreaks of diseases like typhoid and cholera.

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The latest vaccine role out is being done by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in conjunction with technical support and funding partners including the World Health Organization, Unicef, Global alliance for vaccines initiative, Program for Appropriate Technology on Health, and John Snow Incorporated.

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