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Chiwenga Urges Church-Govt Collaboration to Combat Drug Abuse

Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has called on the Roman Catholic Church to join forces with the government in tackling the alarming rise of drug and substance abuse within the country.

Speaking during the St Matthew Celebration Day in Glen View, Harare, Chiwenga emphasized the urgent need for collective action to protect the younger generation from the devastating effects of this menacing scourge.

“The nation is faced with the scourge of drug and substance abuse especially by our youth,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

“These illicit substances have destroyed the mental, physical and psychological wellbeing of a number of our young people throughout the country. Zimbabwe cannot prosper without the youth.

“I urge the church to join hands with the Government to fight drug abuse and protect our communities as well as the nation at large from the effects of drug and substance abuse,” said Chiwenga.

Highlighting the dire consequences of drug abuse on individuals’ mental, physical, and psychological well-being, Chiwenga emphasized that Zimbabwe’s prosperity hinges upon the youth’s welfare.

He implored the church to unite with the government, safeguarding communities and the nation as a whole from the detrimental impacts of drug addiction.

Vice President Chiwenga warned that without collective action, the number of affected individuals, particularly young people, would continue to rise.

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He called upon all stakeholders to play their part in nurturing responsible citizens who will contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

During the event, Vice President Chiwenga commended the parishioners of St Matthew Catholic Church in Glen View for their ongoing church construction project, which aligns with the government’s emphasis on infrastructure development. He urged the church to expand their efforts by considering additional projects such as educational facilities, youth centers, vocational training centers, ICT centers, sports facilities, and libraries.

Acknowledging the financial challenges faced by St Matthew Catholic Church and other institutions, the Vice President encouraged resourcefulness and sustained development. He commended the church’s visionary leadership and the congregants’ financial support, recognizing their dedication to both prayer and nation-building.

In a show of support, Vice President Chiwenga personally donated US$10,000 towards the completion of the church, which is nearing its final stages. He urged the Roman Catholic Church, including the Glen View parish, to extend their endeavors beyond the church’s construction, benefiting the surrounding community and the nation at large.

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