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Civil Servants Demand Improved Wages and Working Conditions

Civil servants have expressed frustration over the current economic situation and the impact it has had on their livelihoods, calling on government to address the deteriorating conditions.

In the joint statement, the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) highlighted the severe erosion of their wages due to the ongoing economic downturn.

They emphasized that the value of their salaries has been diminishing daily, leaving them in a state of chronic incapacity.

The dire situation has turned their lives and welfare into a nightmare, prompting them to demand immediate attention from the government.


“Our lives and welfare have become a nightmare and the delay in holding an NJNC 3 months into the 1st quarter clearly shows the employer’s lack of concern towards our plight much against the standard practice of quarterly negotiations,” said ZCPSTU.

“The only offer that will break the deal for workers is for the employer to improve considerably the USD component which is now the salary, to meet our demands as espoused in our position paper,” said ZCPSTU.

“We expect the ZWL component to track the real exchange rate and not the delusionary RBZ rate, which we cannot access. Current distortions in the civil service salary structure whose effect has been to divide workers and unions alike should be corrected without fail,” added ZCPSTU.

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Civil servants earn less than US$300 per month in addition to a local currency salary component which is less than US$100.

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