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Coltart Stays Put Amidst CCC’s Political Turmoil  

Bulawayo Mayor Councilor David Coltart says he is not resigning from his position as Bulawayo Mayor following recent speculation around his in the wake of political squabbles within the opposition movement.

In a message shared via X (formerly Twitter) the veteran politician said he conducted extensive consultations with the public and received overwhelming support from the people of Bulawayo to remain in office.

“Since the resignation of Nelson Chamisa as President of the CCC, and from the party itself, on Thursday the 25th January, followed by the subsequent resignation from Parliament of some respected colleagues I have been considering my own position. As I indicated last week my main concern was to consult widely before making any decision. In this regard I have consulted a wide cross section of people, particularly in Bulawayo. The overwhelming response, particularly from the Bulawayo public, has been to remain in office. I have also been written to by people I deeply respect, some of whom have been involved in the struggle to bring democracy and freedom to Zimbabwe for over 6 decades, asking me not to resign. These are people who have fought consistently during their entire lives for freedom and I take their views exceptionally seriously,” wrote Coltart

He expressed concern that his resignation could jeopardize these efforts, potentially impacting the well-being of the city and its residents.

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“Bulawayo faces unique challenges at the present time. Aside from being in a disastrous state after decades of neglect, it is running out of water and faces severe water shortages this coming year. Whilst of course there is little that I as one person can do to remedy this, I have been involved in critically important initiatives during the last few months to provide short-, medium- and long-term solutions to the crisis. If I were to resign now some of these initiatives may be undermined to the detriment of the city as a whole. Whilst the resignation of any MP is of course tragic, and a great loss to debate in Parliament, it does not have the same direct impact on citizens as would the resignation of the mayor of a city,” he said

Addressing speculation about his relationship with Nelson Chamisa, Mayor Coltart clarified that his decision was not a hostile act against the former CCC President.

“It is also pertinent to mention that when Nelson Chamisa telephoned me to notify me in advance of his intention to resign, I asked him what his expectations were of me. His response was that I should keep on the work I have been doing. At no point has he asked me to resign. It is also important for me to state my own views regarding resignation in general. Whilst I have no doubt that Parliament has become an intolerable place, and that its Constitutional role has been severely undermined, I have always believed that it is important to not to cede whatever democratic space which has been obtained in the struggle against tyranny,” said Coltart

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In response to accusations of personal gain, Mayor Coltart candidly revealed the nominal allowance of US$25 per month he receives for his role as Mayor, dispelling any notions of financial motivation behind his decision.

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