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Corruption At CVR Nauseating: Chasi

Former Energy and Power Development minister Advocate Fortune Chasi has condemned ‘nauseating’ corruption involving Central Vehicle Registry officers and crooks who linger outside the premises.

Chasi was commenting on a Twitter post by Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Felix Mhona who visited the Central Vehicle Registry offices to assess the situation with regards to issuance of number plates for motor vehicles.

Posting on Twitter, Mhona said the country had enough number plates in stock while appealing to motorists not to pay extra money to get them.

“Today I visited the CVR to understand why people are failing to get number plates on time. As the Second Republic we are saying we have enough plates in stock and no one should pay extra money to get them

“I am concerned that some motorists who applied for number plates last year are yet to receive them, but some who applied recently already have the number plates. We are going to decisively deal with this issue,” said Mhona.

Chasi applauded Mhona for the move saying the public should not be made to suffer because of some officers who corruptly connive with crooks who operate outside the CVR premises.

“Well done Minister. That’s the correct way to do things. The corruption there is nauseating . Crooks linger outside and connive with officers inside. Some inside there must be quirking in their shoes. The public should not be made to suffer,”  said Chasi.
The police are currently embarking on an operation to arrest and impound all vehicles without number plates with the cumulative number of arrests standing at 3926 of Monday 17 January.
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