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Coupons For Mealie-Meal On The Way

Government is set to introduce a coupon system as a way of normalizing the roller meal situation while shielding the vulnerable from arbitrage behavior by unscrupulous dealers who are hoarding the precious commodity for re-sell at exorbitant prices.

This was revealed by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa during a post cabinet press briefing in Harare yesterday.

“The Minister of Finance and Economic Development briefed Cabinet on the action taken to normalize the roller meal supply situation. He explained that at the first meeting cabinet had noted that the then prevailing price of roller meal provided arbitrage opportunities to some unscrupulous people,” she said.


She also announced that government had increased the price of subsidized mealie-meal from ZWL$50 to ZWL$70.

“Firstly it had been decided that the price be raised to $70 per 10kg mealie meal from $50. Secondly a targeted coupon scheme for vulnerable is in the offing with the compilation of a database at an advanced stage. The scheme will be rolled out in a week’s time,” said Mutsvangwa.

She said the scheme will be rolled out in the country’ districts starting next week and there is nothing new as it is practiced in many countries.

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