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Cyclone Idai Victims Will Not Be Forced To Relocate

Cyclone Idai victims will not be forced to relocate to other areas but wide consultations will be held as the government seeks to uphold their rights, 263Chat has learnt.

Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Climate, Water and Rural Resettlement Douglas Karoro said the people in Chimanimani who were displaced by the deadly cyclone will be relocated as per request and those who want to stay in the cyclone ridden area will not be forced as people want to continue with their farming activities and preserve their traditional homes.

“All those who requested to be relocated, the government is assessing the area where there are to be moved. We are not going to force people to relocate,” said Karoro.

Thousands of people were left homeless after Cyclone Idai ravaged most parts of the Eastern Highlands.

Survivors have been staying in temporary shelters set up aid workers and they have been surviving on donated items.

There has been talk of people being forced to move away, leaving their homes, with some victims saying they want to stay and rebuild their homes while making a fresh start.

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