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Demolitions will cost you votes: Zanu PF told

Disappointed by false promises and lack of action from the government, the latest victims of housing demolitions in Southlea Park have threatened to vote Zanu PF out of power, come 2018 harmonised elections.

In an interview with 263Chat, the now homeless people of Southlea Park said they felt disappointed despite standing by Zanu PF since Zimbabwe independence in 1980.

“I have been a party member for 16 years and was once arrested by the Ian Smith regime during the liberation struggle. I loved the party but I am disappointed because I have nowhere to go with my family,” said Lloyd Kwari who referred to himself as the District Chairperson.

Barbara Njiva said she toiled as a vendor in South Africa to raise money to buy the stand that has now been demolished and dispossessed.

“We are now going towards elections and Zanu PF should not be doing this, they are disappointing us,

“Despite my age, I moulded bricks to build my house, after paying thousands of dollars to get this stand,” said Njiva.

“MP Mashayamombe promised that we will not be evicted, but still we have been left homeless” said Nomatter Chapewa, one of the victims.

A Tirivepo Housing Cooperative representative and Zanu PF district chairperson, Mr Obert Musindo, said the demolition is shocking, considering that Mashayamombe assured them that they will not be displaced.

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“We started this cooperative in 2000 and our MP assured us that everything was in order, now people will not believe whatever I will say about the party because they were disappointed and I am ashamed to stand in front of to talk about this issue,” he said

According to the court order seen by 263Chat, TSL Limited and HGP Vostermans limited were cited as the first and second plaintiffs while Tirivepo Housing Cooperatives, Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Commissioner General of Police were cited as respondents.

The 70 hectares land previously housing more than 3000 families belongs to a private company, BAK Storage.

Zanu PF has maintained a strong grip on Harare South constituency, retaining the seat even after the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change which took charge of most urban constituencies. The constituency houses Hopley, Southlea Park, Ushewokunze and countless housing cooperatives.

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