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Designer Scaling Dizzy Heights Despite High Unemployment levels

In a recent article by Tim Worstall, Forbes Magazine estimated Zimbabwe`s unemployment rate to be 95 percent. This is arguable but the fact is that most of the country`s youths are in the streets doing virtually nothing.

By Mukundi Masinire

The National Association of Youth Organization (Nayo) revealed that 90% of youths in the country are unemployed, with universities and colleges churning out graduates that fail to secure jobs.

However, this is not the case with 19 year old graphic designer, Praise William Chitsau who is scaling dizzy heights with his brand- Forward Designs.

Chitsau finished his ‘A’ Level studies at Tafara High 1 and delved straight into graphic designing where he has created a formidable name in only one year of commercializing his works.

The Craneborne based artist says youths must be innovative and pursue their talents instead of just complaining and murmuring about the country`s unemployment crisis.

He believes that there is still hope for many youths in the country especially in the creative industry.

 “These are hard times and young people should be creative and innovative and not reduce themselves to job seekers.

“When God created us he gave everyone a gift to sustain and put food on the table; there are no naturally born failures,” he said.

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Chitsau has worked with companies and big names in the entertainment industry such as Rey Clash Tradings,Pipeline Fashions, Limitless Productions, Eternity Productions, Trevor Dongo, Kudzi Nyakudya, Mcdonald Chidavaenzi, Thembalami, to mention but a few.

He encourages young people doing business to take time to develop themselves and learn to be professional, pointing out that most of them fail to make an impact because of lack of professionalism.

“I have noted one disturbing fact among most youths who are doing business; they lake professionalism and business etiquette.

“Professional workplace behavior is necessary for the long-term success of a business, whether big or small but sadly this is still a mystery among many young business people.

Praise William Chitsau was born 19 years ago and grew up in the dusty streets of Tafara high density suburb and attended his primary education in Chitungwiza before proceeding to Tafara High 1 for his secondary education.

He successfully commercialized his work through the help of Wisdom Nyaparami and Wencilus Makungisa of Zimpraise choir.

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