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ED Son Impersonator To Face Attempted Murder

Cleopas Govore, a Harare man who impersonated President Emerson Mnangagwa’s son is likely to face attempted murder after he ran over a Harare resident Thulani Mpofu last week.

Govore appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Chigodora for violating the Traffic Act after he rammed into Thulani Mpofu’s car, a man who tried to help the accused person while he was arguing with other road users him leaving with serious injuries.

It is the state’s case that Mpofu had an epidural hematoma, a life saving surgery after he was taken to hospital with witnesses who saw him lying on the ground .

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that when Mpofu was driving, he saw Govore’s car blocking the way while he shouted with other road users.

Mpofu allegedly approached Govore’s car to find out the reason for the altercation.

Govore told the complainant that he was President Mnangagwa’s son named Samora.


The complainant asked Govore further questions to verify if he was truly Mnangagwa’s son.

Upon realizing that he had been exposed, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the other people whose vehicles had been blocked by his car.

It is at that point that Mpofu suggested that they should both go to a nearby police station and this did not go down well with the accused who rammed into him and his stationary car.

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The accused was stopped by other road users as he tried to run away from the scene.

The matter was reported at Highlands Police Station who attended the crime scene.

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