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Eight2Five Hub Launches Value Creation Challenge (VCC4)

The Eight2Five Innovation Hub, with support from Old Mutual in partnership with the British Council and the British Embassy, has unveiled the Value Creation Challenge 2024 (VCC4) in an aim to bolster innovation and entrepreneurship.

The VCC has over the years stood as Zimbabwe’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and driving sustainable economic growth.

This incubation program is designed to transform promising business ideas into successful enterprises, providing a fertile ground for innovation to thrive. It serves as a springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs to transmute their business ideas into tangible ventures, brimming with promise and potential.

Over the years, the VCC has helped participants to gain access to expert mentorship, bespoke training, and invaluable resources, elevating their business acumen and strategy refinement. It has also been instrumental in creating networking opportunities by facilitating connections amongst entrepreneurs, industry luminaries, potential investors, and collaborative partners.
Additionally, eligible startups have had chances to receive pre-seed funding, serving as the vital fuel to propel their ventures towards fruition.

Among other benefits, the VCC4 will offer market access for participants , who, through pitching events and demo days, garner unparalleled exposure and visibility for their enterprises.

The VCC4 will also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to receive valuable feedback and validation from seasoned professionals.

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The challenge is open to early-stage startups with innovative prototypes or existing businesses with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), particularly those within the first two years of operation. The VCC4 is keen on businesses in emerging industries, innovative technology, the creative sector, and sustainability-focused ventures.

Entrepreneurs from all over Zimbabwe are encouraged to apply, ensuring that no location or individual is left behind. To participate, interested parties should visit the Eight2Five Innovation Hub’s website at www.eight2five.co.zw and complete the online application form before the deadline on May 25, 2024.

This initiative marks a pivotal step in Zimbabwe’s journey towards becoming a hub of entrepreneurial excellence, inviting visionaries to seize the opportunity to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into tangible successes.

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