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Enzo Ishall Bags 7 Votes From A 1,385 Total Voters

Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall received a meagre seven votes – equivalent to 0.005% of the total votes cast – in the recent ZANU PF primary elections held in Sunningdale. Enzo, whose real name is Kudzanai Mamhare, had been vying for the opportunity to represent ZANU PF as a councillor in the upcoming general elections.

Enzo was born and bred in Sunningdale before becoming one of the most popular and consistent hitmakers in Zimbabwe’s music industry. Many people had expected that his popularity would translate into votes, but it appears that Enzo has much to learn about politics.

According to reports from polling stations in Sunningdale, Loice Magweba received 708 votes and will contest a parliamentary seat, while Simon Jamanda received 133 votes. Meanwhile, Charles Shamhu received 133 votes and will contest a councillor’s seat, with Ezekiel Wozhele and Enzo Ishall receiving 10 and 7 votes, respectively.

On social media, many users are poking fun at Enzo’s predicament. Some are also expressing concern about the impact that his foray into politics may have on his music career.

One Twitter user, El Patrõn, commented, “Another person who has developed the ‘chero ndadya’ mindset that is gripping some young people. Now imagine wanting to join a party that’s looting so that you can also benefit from it and then fail to win in their elections. What happens next for you when the masses are your fans?”

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Another user, Tendai Hove, added, “At least he can assume his family voted for him. Some time back, my boss contested these primaries, and he got 1 vote, having gone with his wife and teenage daughter to the primaries. The joke was, ‘Saka even the family doesn’t believe in you’.”

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