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Fusion 5 Mangwiro To Release Debut Album

Fusion 5 Mangwiro

Renowned Afro contemporary group, Fusion 5 Mangwiro, is set to launch their debut album titled Mixed Feelings next week in Harare.

By Rutendo Maraire

The nine-track album features artists from Zimbabwe and beyond, according to the group’s member, Brian Maguta.

“The album mainly shows people that there are different feelings pertaining to whatsoever that can happen, so we are trying to bring different sounds and views to people at the same time. We settled for the name Mixed Feelings because the album carries songs that portray the reality of scenarios we face in life.

“There is a kind of life we face on a daily basis which brings joyful, sad and painful moments. Sometimes we celebrate and the feeling will be different hence the name Mixed Feelings,” he said.

Maguta said that the album launch will be a hive of activity with live performances from Nyasha David, Feli Nandi and Mwenje Mathole, among other artists.

He promised a legion of the group’s fans that they should expect something which they have always wanted.

“Honestly, it was not an easy task when it comes to wanting to release what fans love but we tried hard to listen to them,” he said.

Fusion 5 Mangwiro is a band that was founded in 2014 and comprises Brian Maguta, Gilbert Gwatidzo and Aaron Manyati. The group is currently trending with their hit song Katarina, which continues to rock the airwaves

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