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Politicians Wasting Money On Convoys-Nkosana Moyo


Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) leader Nkosana Moyo has blasted government and politicians in the country for splashing money on unnecessary things while the country is suffering from poverty.

Speaking in an interview on a local radio station, Moyo said the country is currently bedevilled by a number of economic challenges like degradation of roads which will be helped by the money being used by politicians, across the political divide, to buy cars during the campaigning period.

“This nation has a problem in leadership, we see them buying convoys yet roads leading to hospitals have potholes to an extent that it is not possible for people to carry a bedridden patient on a deathbed to a hospital using those roads,” said the former cabinet minister while urging politicians across the political divide to rethink on their priorities.

“Things are really worrying, people do not know the role of their leaders, they must know that MPs are their servants, us politicians are having a problem of distancing ourselves from doing things for the people, we are self-serving as the elites.

Nkosana Moyo is among the over 110 presidential aspirants who will be contesting in this year’s plebiscites.

His sentiments come after exiled former cabinet minister and President Mnangagwa’s fierce critic, Professor Jonathan Moyo a few weeks ago claimed that his former party, Zanu-PF spent $70 million on regalia for the 2013 Elections.

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Moyo claimed that the regalia was sourced from China and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Moyo also urged the voters to just accept the regalia and vote out Zanu-PF in the 2018 harmonized elections.

“In 2013 Zanu-PF used diamond revenues and State funds to buy and ship campaign regalia from DRC and China worth over $70m. ED’s $2,3m China trip( last month) was to cover up the use of State funds to buy and ship from China 15m t-shirts, 15m caps and 2m cloth wrappers for JuntaPF’s campaign! ZACC” reads part of the tweet.

More so, main opposition, Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has been seen moving around with convoys of top of the range vehicles while calling the government to stop spending unnecessarily.

Moyo has, however, promised that if he happens to be elected in power he will change the face of politics in the country to the benefits people.


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