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Govt Blamed For Worsening Crisis In The Education Sector

The opposition MDC Alliance has condemned government for failing to address challenges facing the country’s education sector including poor remuneration of teachers, underinvestment in infrastructure and introducing a half baked curriculum.

In a statement, MDC Alliance Secretary for Education, Sports and Culture, Evelyn Masaiti accused government of ignoring the plight of teachers which she said had worsened the crisis in the education sector.

“As the education year draws to a close, the MDC Alliance bemoans the worsening crisis in the education sector. Education is the bedrock of any successful nation yet the regime in Harare has continued to ignore the plight of teachers and schools in the country.

“Underinvestment in infrastructure, poor remuneration for teachers and half baked curriculum are at the core of the crisis. The new curriculum has made ICT a key element of the curriculum, yet 80 percent of primary and 65 percent of secondary schools are not electrified,” said Masaiti.

Speaking on the Continuous Learning Assessment Activity (CALA), Masaiti said the hurried nature in which it was rolled out has overburdened students, teachers and parents.

Masaiti also called for budgetary allocation for CALA and training of teachers to administer the new system among other measures.

“We demand greater investment in quality public education, the setting of benchmarks for a skill revolution in the education sector by blending theory and life experiences and providing life skills that can assist students to function beyond the classroom,” said Masaiti.

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The MDC Alliance accused ZIMSEC of poor management style while calling on the examination body to give teachers incentives for invigilation of examinations inline with best regional practice.

“We urge the regime in Harare to speedily resolve the impasse between ZIMSEC and teachers over the issue of invigilation of public examinations,” said Masaiti.

Masaiti also urged government to resolve the remuneration crisis in the education sector as part of measures to improve and revamp the functional literacy of the Zimbabwean education system.

“We call for the challenges in the education sector highlighted above to be urgently addressed through resolution of the remuneration crisis, a consultative curriculum review in order to improve and revamp the functional literacy of the Zimbabwean education system, greater investment in quality public education, and accessible and affordable tertiary education,” added Masaiti.

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