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Govt Concedes Failure on Women Empowerment Efforts


Government has conceded their efforts efforts to address gender inequalities by raising the stakes for women have not yielded the desired results with the gap between men and women in accessing resources still worrying.

Addressing journalists ahead of the International Women’s Day Commemorations in Harare today, Minister of Women, Gender and Community Development Nyoni said the gap between men and women in accessing resources was still worrying adding that the establishment of a women’s bank would help address resource constraints.

“Despite the efforts injected by government, there remains a yawning gap between Zimbabwean men and women in terms of their access to and control over resources, opportunities and decision-making,

“There is need to emphasize on paving the way forward instead of expending too much energy and debate on the constraints facing women,

“As a ministry we will soon be launching a women’s bank where all women will have access to funds to start up businesses and also help those who want to enter into the political space to facilitate their campaigns,” said Nyoni.

She went to say banks should be sensitized to create opportunities for women and also encouraged women to be self empowered from within to be able to step outside into the world to conquer.

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“Empowerment is not about money only, women need to enter economic empowerment programs and be empowered with skills and knowledge,

“In addition empowerment also comes from within, women have to be self empowered to have self confidence and also support each other,” she added.

Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Bank, Mandas Marikanda elaborated on the women’s bank saying its a milestone worth celebrating as it is expected to promote women economic empowerment.

“Women economic empowerment has to do with availing resources, most of the times we tend to think women need an injection from outside for resources. Women’s bank is bringing the financial inclusion covering the areas that have been excluded by formal banks,

“The women’s bank is coming up with women centered products to also cater for the rural woman. If Zimbabweans are serious about women economic empowerment we don’t need to look at education or what a person has,

“We want to eradicate poverty and access can come in so many ways. The women’s bank is going to be in every province and will reach out to every woman,” said Marikanda.

She noted that setting up of the bank is now at an advanced stage, with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe still looking at modalities around its viability and operationability.

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The International Women’s Day Commemorations will be held tomorrow in Nkayi, Matebeleland North under the theme, #PressforProgress.

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