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Grace Solidarity March Expose Ministers’ Ignorance of Current Affairs


The Mandi Chimene led war veterans faction organized Zanu PF march in solidarity with First Lady Grace Mugabe has exposed the ruling party members’ ignorance and lack of appreciation of current affairs as most of them failed to interpret meaning of messages inscribed on their placards.

By Moregiven Sithole

What set tongues wagging was the failure by the organizer of the march, Mandi Chimene, a cabinet minister and senior women’s league member, Letina Undenge to explain their knowledge about AfriForum, an organizing that is leading legal recourse for a South African 15 year old model who was recently assaulted by Grace Mugabe.

Asked about AfriForum by Gonyeti of Bustop TV on the sidelines of the march, Chimene seemed to insinuate that AfriForum was a faction in the ruling Zanu PF.

“Ameno havo vana vakawanda wanda ava vanotozivana ikoko, because pane vamwe vakufunga kuformer zvimapato vozvipa zita vachinyepera kuita kunge its a forum yekuita the other things irinzira yekupinda mupolitics.

“Saka ukaona vakutoti pasi nayo varikutoziva kuti it is a wrong forum, yes andimbozvibvunzi zvizhinji zvacho andina basa nazvo because ndinoziva ZANU PF,”said Chimene who was the main speaker at the event.


Asked the same question, Undenge said, “Ah banner rakanzi Afrifora kana ranga rakasimudzwa atina kumboriona, andisi kuziva kuti mariona papi isusu zvedu zvatanga tichiita zvanhasi ndezveZimbabwe, Zimbabwe ine border to border Zambezi to Limpompo.”

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As if that was not enough, some youths who were zealously waving a placard written GUTU SOUTH INOTI PASI NEAFRIFORUM said Afriforum is an organisation only found in Gutu.

“Afriforum zvinozikanwa nevanhu vekwaGutu,kaforum kekwaGutu kwatinenge tiri ikoko,”an unidentified youth said with confidence.

The march was organised to offer solidarity to Grace Mugabe who in the face of continued scathing attacks of the First Lady by the disgruntled war veterans led by Christopher Mutsvangwa,who are accusing her of failing to groom her two sons, Chatunga and Robert Junior.

The two Mugabe brothers are known for their alleged lavish spending lifestyle in night clubs as well as abusing drugs in South Africa where they are attending school.

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