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Great things that happen when people say no! A lesson on rejection

I wrote this article to help those that are in the position of fearing an idea or pitch or proposal will get rejected. It is often seen as a sign of failure but I will share with you a few things that will make you handle rejection better. Take rejection through these questions so you can know what to do.

By Carl Joshua Ncube

Makes you better

Sometimes a no is an indication that your pitch or idea is just not good enough. Go back and work on the project a bit more for example. How else did anything get invented unless it had failed a few times or didn’t work. Rejection makes you better.

Makes you resourceful

Sometimes we think money needs to be thrown at everything so we can get on with our ideas and become better. But sometimes money can be a curse. In my career I have struggled through doing stuff not getting the money I needed in time but it made me understand social media better to know how to market myself better, heck am now writing books as a result of rejection.

Makes you work smarter

Sometimes we think we need to wine and dine our investors, kissing lots of ass, schmoozing and dealing and yet all we need to do is get back to the office and find better ways of making our customers get better products, maybe you don’t need more investors, maybe you just need a slow build up of clients.

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Makes you patient

Sometimes its just not your time, the stars just did not align for you. People were just not in the mood to hear you. This makes you calm and resolute enough to try again, you may get a different response.

Makes people know you better

Nothing says determination than you pitching to many people and getting No’s and rejections then later in life you make it and there are witnesses to your success. You are known for being patient, for being an inspiration because we all know your story we know where you started.

Makes you know more

Something about having to be more hand on in the beginning teaches you to be more attentive to the problems that can be your pitfall. I always notice those that don’t get rejections and get a quick handout tend to disappear soon because they didn’t know the little problems.

Makes you meet more people

On your way to the top you will talk to many people, pitch and try to convince people to go with you. At times you are referred to subordinates, people without a say. those are your new best friends because you never know where they will be. I know in my life most of my influential friends where not always influential and thats when I met them trying to pitch to their bosses.

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I am sure theres many other things I just can’t think straight right now, will edit when I remember them!!! 🙂

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