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Gweru DJ Receives Death Threats

Gweru’s popular Disk Jockey Blessing Nyanhete is living in fear after facing abduction threats from two unidentified man following one of his radio shows which touched on Zimbabwe’s current melting economic situation.

Nyanhete popularly known as DJ Blesh is employed by AB Communications at its 98.4 FM Midlands radio station.

The incident took place about a week ago at Gweru’s Central Business District and later in his low density neighborhood which has left the Gweru socialite shaken and living in fear his life.

During the show in question, Nyanhete bemoaned how the Zimbabwean economy had deteriorated with most basic commodities becoming way above the reach of many citizens.

He also bemoaned the domestic workers’ ZW$169.00 minimum salary yet the poverty datum line was above ZW$1 400.00.

Speaking to 263Chat, Nyanhete narrated how the incident transpired, saying it is still lingering in his mind and that anything could happen to him.


“One of the Saturdays after wrapping up my show, there were two guys waiting for me outside and had a plate-less white Honda Fit who threatened me saying that my relatives will never see me again, asking me where I knew economic issues from and that I should stay away from what I was saying on radio, they said they can catch me and deal with me (kundipinza ma one) if they wanted.

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“Then on Sunday when I was walking in Windsor Park suburb, the same car and the two guys came and stopped me and repeated the same threats to abduct me,” he said.

After the second incident on Sunday, Nyanhete filed a police report but says he now fears for his life and feels unsafe.

“I went and reported the matter to the police but now I am so scared and don’t even know if I am free to walk around town, public places or even at home.

“I am actually contemplating going into hiding or something because I don’t feel safe anymore. This really shook me, I haven’t encountered any incident since then but still I am not settled as I speak” he said.

Zimbabwe has witnessed an increase in the number of abductions targeted at government critics and artists including Samantha Kureya popularly known as Gonyeti, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) President Dr Peter Magombeyi and Citizen Manifesto member Tatenda Mombeyarara among others.

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