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Harare Killer Locked up, Denied Bail


A Harare man who shot dead a suspected tout in the Central Business District yesterday over a parking altercation will spend the next two weeks behind bars after Harare Magistrate, Victoria Mashamba denied him bail.

Lloyd Boniface Kobekile (24) will be back in court on the 26th of October.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that Lloyd Boniface Kobekile (24) shot dead the now deceased following an altercation over parking dispute at the intersection of First Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

According to the state, Kobekile parked his car along Angwa Street, leaving his two sisters inside.

The now deceased who is a parking marshall reportedly came and started questioning the sisters why their car was at his parking lot in question without his knowledge.

The court also heard that the now deceased demanded the removal of the car from the parking point and then ganged up with his colleagues who were now tearing cardboard boxes and put them into the accused’s car and set it on fire.

Kobekile tried to escape but the now deceased and his friends attacked him with stones resulting in him allegedly pulling out his 6.35mm AG Brevetto pistol and fired three warning shots in the air before aiming at the now deceased.

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Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared on behalf of the state while Rusinahama Tendai and Marwe Oliver represented the accused person.



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