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I Will Be A Minister For All, Says Machakaire

Newly appointed Minister of Youth Empowerment and Development, Tinoda Machakaire, has emphasized his dedication to serving all the youth in the nation, irrespective of their political affiliations.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ED Cup sports tournament held at Warikandwa Secondary School in Wedza on Sunday, Machakaire reiterated that his role as a minister is centered on addressing the needs of all young individuals across the country.

“Being a minister of youth empowerment, I am not allowed to take sides, I am supposed to serve every young person to ensure that their issues are addressed, every Zimbabwe is expected to come forward with their issues and ideas so that we can build this country,” said Machakaire.

Machakaire expressed gratitude to the people of Wedza South for electing him to represent them in parliament.

He said the purpose of the event was to encourage the pursuit of sports and discourage engagement in drugs and criminal activities among the youth.

“I came to thank the people of Wedza South for voting for me to represent them in parliament, this event is meant to impart so that they can pursue sport and refrain from drugs and crime. While they take part in sport, they will also be taught to do gardening, poultry,” added Machakaire.

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Machakaire acknowledged and appreciated the support from those who voted for him, as well as those who had different preferences, underscoring the importance of shifting the focus towards inclusive development.

“I want to thank those who voted for me, even those who had different choices, the focus has shifted to development which is supposed to be inclusive,” said Machakaire.

As Minister of Youth Empowerment Development, Machakaire emphasized his impartiality and commitment to serving every young person to ensure their concerns are addressed. He encouraged all Zimbabweans to actively share their issues and ideas to collectively build and progress the nation.

The sports tournament saw with winning teams receiving bicycles and prize money for each player.

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