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I’m In No Hurry to Go Back to America: Mukanya

Chimurenga music legend, Dr. Thomas Mapfumo says he is in no hurry to go back to his United States of America (USA) base citing snowy weather that does not permit the holding of shows.

Mukanya who has been in the country since early December last year when he came for the Mukanya peace Tour, highlighted that some members of his team have been pushing for him to stay longer and perform in Zimbabwe while winter in the USA subsides.

“In America, you can only perform and hold shows during summer, and currently they are in winter which makes it impossible to hold shows. Snow affects mobility in a negative way and at the end of the day, you are just confined to your to your home place.

“Some of my band members I came with are even pushing for us to stay a while longer than rush going back to the USA where we will remain idle until winter ends,” said Mapfumo.

The “Nyoka Musango” hitmaker is billed to perform with Sulumani Chibetu at Las Vegas club this Friday.

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