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iPad Pro, A Brief Look Into The Future With Apple

Apple’s latest iPad Pro is being rated as the best tablet in the market due to its slick design, enhanced performance and its advanced specs which makes it the most sort after portable computer by both corporate executives and other information technology enthusiasts.

Apple’s latest tablet is now available in Zimbabwe. Though the device comes with a huge asking price especially in a constrained economy where retailers are now asking for United States dollars, the iPad Pro is a device worth the sacrifice for every company executive and the tech savvy generation.

A first hand experience with the iPad Pro will give you satisfaction that Apple was looking to cater for the present and the future when the device was designed. The physical aspects of the device’s hardware combined with the advanced operating system makes it an intact tablet for anyone who needs a portable computer.

The iPad Pro runs Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS) and it comes in two different screen sizes, 10.5-inch (27cm) and 12.9-inch (33cm) which are all designed to give the user an immersive experience.

The iPad Pro comes with three options of internal storage capacity which start from 64Gig, 256Gig upto 512Gig which gives the user a lot of data capturing space to keep files. The tablet’s satisfactory hard drive storage capacity is further complimented by fast processing LPDDR4 Random Access Memory.


To make the iPad Pro the centre of attraction for the digital generation, Apple has added four accessories which include the “smart” screen cover; an attachable keyboard, Smart Keyboard; an active bluetooth tracking stylus, Apple Pencil; and a form-fitted silicone case that is compatible with the Smart Keyboard.

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The Apple Pencil works on both iPhones and iPads making it a universal accessory.

The Smart Keyboard docks with iPad Pro using the Smart Connector, a magnetic connection that provides data transfer and power. Smart Keyboard, which doubles as a kickstand, is comparable to that of the competing Microsoft Surface Pro. The design of the Smart Keyboard is similar to the design of the Smart Cover accessory.

The Apple Pencil is a precision stylus exclusive to the iPad Pro and the iPad 2018. The accessory is rechargeable via the Lightning port on the tablet itself. iPad Pro introduces a new display with increased responsiveness and precision over previous iPad displays with Apple Pencil support added. During the keynote, Apple demonstrated drawing, managing publication layout, and document annotation.

You might be an Android faithful but the iPad Pro is a device with having in your device cabinet. One of the major lifelines offered by Apple’s latest release is an extended battery life. The iPad Pro is believed to go over a week without recharging as long as one does not spend a lot of time on the Internet.

The iPad Pro encompasses all the latest features which are carried by both iPhones and iMacs, making it a bridging device in all of Apple’s electronic devices. To add more value to its features, the iPad Pro also comes with a nano SIM Card slot which allows the user to access 3G/4G/LTE cellular signal besides the Wi-Fi access chip for wireless connectivity.

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