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Kikky Defend Obert Karombe’s Slay Queen

Hip hop artiste Kikky BadA$$, real name Christabell Mahlungwa, has come out to defend the lady who survived the accident that claimed Mutare-based socialite Obert Karombe.

The woman, widely known by her Instagram handle @mamagirl_aley survived with a ‘broken spinal cord’ when the car she was travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with an army truck.

On admission to the hospital, she went live on the platform narrating the details of the accident, referring to Karombe as her man in the process. This did not sit well with most Zimbabweans online who condemned her for claiming a married man with some going as far as telling her she deserves all the misfortune on her.

Reacting to this, Kikky rebuked people from labelling the accident a punishment, for such encounters can happen to people from all walks of life,

Taking to social media Kikky wrote;

It’s very low for one to suggest that chihure chinokonzera ma accident because that’s a lie. A low blow, if you’re going to judge someone judge chihure chacho Kwete accident because no one plans for something like that to happen. Accidents happen everyday to people from all walks of life.

This whole “dzidzai kusachiva” is quite hilarious because accidents don’t happen because wachiva or wararama a certain lifestyle they happen randomly and they are not planned, NEXT it please.

That girl was wrong for the other part she played yes , but to say she deserves it is quite evil. The whole story is just messy but we shouldn’t act like we are perfect . I hope that she can recover, obviously Gods grace got her out alive for a purpose 

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