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Ghanaian Musician Shoots His Shot At KikkyBadA$$

Popular Ghanaian artiste, Ay Poyoo has set social media ablaze with his persistent love advances for local Hip Hop star Kikkybada$$.

Ay, who appears determined to win over the songbird, took to Kikky’s Instagram expressing his willingness to spend money on her.

He wrote, “Hi, how are you? You’re fine! Okay goodbye. Thank you I don’t even know what I’m typing. You’re beautiful come and spend my money,” to which Kikky responded, “do I need to come and spend it ??I can be here and spending it. No problem.”

Poyoo then left many in stitches writing, “okay. How much is Zimbabwe? Lemme buy the country and everything in it for you. The rest can migrate to Jupiter.”

This is not the first time a popular figure has attempted to win over a girl through social media. Not so long ago, rapper, Holy Ten made waves after he openly shot her shot for fellow musician Tamy Moyo.

Though he went as far as recording a song “Ndanzwa Nekunga”  to woo the songstress, Holy Ten failed to win her over.

While Holy Ten was targeting Tamy Moyo, socialite and ZBC TV Presenter Yahya Goodvibes was also shooting her shot at the Mwana Ndakubirai hitmaker resulting in a brief affair that did not last longer than two weeks.

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