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‘Komichi Has A Case To Answer: Harare Magistrate

Opposition MDC official Morgen Komichi’s case before Harare Magistrates Court is proceeding to trial after Magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura ruled he has a case to answer.

Chitumbura said Komichi disturbed election proceedings which warrants a case before the courts.

“There is no definition of interrupting with elections in the electoral act, but however in my own understanding the accused really disturbed the election proceedings as alluded by the state,” said magistrate Chitumbura.

However, Komichi represented by Obey Shava of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights is pleading not guilty to the offence.


He argues that when he took to the podium at the National Command Centre it was during a break time and ZEC officials had adjourned.

The state, represented by Michael Reza insists that Komichi disturbed proceedings when he took to the podium to address the media and announced that his party candidate Nelson Chamisa had won the 30 July elections.

The state also tendered a video evidence of Komichi on the podium, but it was not showing whether it was break time or not.

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