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Man jailed 10 years for rapping minor  


A 43-year old man was yesterday jailed for 10 years in prison for bedding a minor. The man denied rape charges when he appeared before Harare Magistrate Ms Fadzai Mthombeni, claiming that the minor was a sex worker.

Magistrate Mthombeni then slapped Martin Nyamombe with a 13-year jail term, but conditionally set aside three years.

The court heard that on 21 February 2016, Martin Nyamombe was caught in act, raping his landlord’s grandchild in bathroom.

Witness to the case, (name held for safety reasons) who is  also the minor’s grandfather testified that he saw Nyamombe raping his grandchild after he heard an unusual sound in  the bathroom.

The juvenile told the court that she was forced by Nyamombe to have sex many times before they were caught.

She also said that she was afraid to tell her grandparents  the story for fear of being victimised.


Nyamombe denied charges  laid upon him claiming that the girl was a sex worker and he had paid five dollars for the sexual activities.

He also said that his landlord, was aware that their grandchildren was a sex worker.

However, Harare magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni found Nyamombe’s claims unconvincing .

She added that the accused’s evidence was a total fabrication, trying to justify an unjustifiable matter.

“The accused’s evidence is a fabrication, if the sex was being done for money , as the accused’s claims, why then doing it in the bathroom?” queried Mthombeni

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Upon mitigation, defence council pleaded for mercy on behalf of  Nyamombe saying that he is a married man with three children.

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  • what is this world coming to? Even if she is a sex worker, how can you seriously pay a minor for sex? nxa

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