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Manluckerz Cancels Gigs Over Coronavirus

Sweden based artiste Luckson Chikutu popularly known as Manluckerz has canceled scheduled gigs and private functions as the Coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on showbiz.

In an interview with 263Chat from his base in Sweden, Manluckerz confirmed cancelling lined up gigs due to the global pandemic that has so far claimed over 15 000 lives and affected close to 400 000 people worldwide.

“I was scheduled to perform at Klubb Svea on March 28 and I have other private gigs that I have cancelled,” he said.

Manluckerz said that the life of his fans is more important and called upon people to unite and fight the pandemic.

Most artistes around the globe have cancelled gigs as the Coronavirus pandemic has literally put everything on halt.

Singers have suffered severe financial setbacks as they survive on gigs and shows.

In Austria, the musicians’ association have started reimbursing artistes who have cancelled their gigs because of the virus.

Most countries are struggling to contain the disease and governments of different countries have banned public gatherings in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

In Zimbabwe, artistes have heeded the call by government to shun public gatherings.

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