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Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency with the New Holland TT75 Tractor from Croco Commercial

With the summer cropping season fast approaching, its back to land preparation for farmers and a tough and efficient tractor is the ultimate desire for every productive minded grower.

The introduction of New Holland product line tractors in Zimbabwe couldn’t be more befitting for an economy largely anchored by its agricultural productivity.

Croco Commercial has managed to avail the New Holland TT75 tractor with what seem like a Zimbabwe tailor-made machine that has all the specific needs to meet its farming needs.

The New Holland TT75 Utility Tractor is equipped with an Iveco diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which delivers 74.9 hp (55.9 kW) power at rated rpm 2500. This means that the TT75 can comfortably work with a 3 disc plough.

On hauling, a 7 tonne trailer is comfortable for this tractor. This makes it suitable for a variety of farming activities which includes tilling, spraying and mowing. This is a power machine with high speed, lift capacity and pulling strength at very minimum fuel usage. It’s like killing two birds with one stone- power mixed with efficient fuel use.

To add to this, the TT75 has a modern look to it which makes it the preferred choice for local farmers as it perfectly complements neat, stylish look with high performance.

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Maximum lift capacity at ball ends with assist arms (kg)  2100. The approximate weight for this tractor is about 3.4 tonnes. Its fuel tank capacity is 63 litres. Transmission of 30 kph 8F+2R, constant mesh and sliding mesh (optionally synchronised on 3th & 4th gear) with epicyclical reduction for low – high range selection.

TT75 comes with a power steering for easy operations. Just like many tractors, they have a manual transmission with 4 speed gears, together with the reverse gear. For other farm operations such as shelling maize and making of silage, they also have a PTO gear.

TT75 is fuel efficient and can plough an acre of land with about 6-8 litres of diesel fuel. Of course this largely depends on the driver and the soil type. Additionally, due to its speed the tractor can plough up to 15 acres of land on a good day.

For more information, Contact Croco Commercial at: 771973/ 748956

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