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MDC Alliance Castigates Govt Measures Against Omicron Variant

The opposition MDC Alliance has castigated the recent measures taken by the Government to contain the Covid-19 Omicron variant as clumsily imposed and without regard for science.

In a statement, MDC Alliance secretary for health and child welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera called on the Government to remove what he said ‘unreasonable border controls’ which included mandatory quarantine for those with negative tests.

“The Government of Zimbabwe has also announced measures to contain the virus and prevent a nasty fourth wave. These measures include mandatory PCR testing for COVID-19 at ports of entry and mandatory quarantine, both at the expense of those travelling.

“Unfortunately, these measures have been clumsily imposed without regard for the science and the consequences of the said measures. Most agree that imposing a mandatory two-week quarantine for persons who test negative is grossly unreasonable and must be reconsidered.

“We implore the government to remove the unreasonable border controls, especially the mandatory quarantine particularly for those who test negative. Mass testing remains important to ensure we isolate those with the infection,” said Dr. Madzorera

He added “The testing should be done by government at a nominal fee and on a not for profit basis. This is not the time for anybody to profiteer from the pandemic. The economic burden is heavy on the people already. Self-isolation can be done at home as has been in the past.

“Unfortunately, the ill-thought-out COVID-19 containment measures announced by the developed world do not have the backing of Science and do not inspire any sense of global solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. As new evidence accrues, we hope those measures will be proven impotent and be reviewed promptly.”

In the meantime, Dr Madzorera urged citizens to exercise caution and continue to religiously observe all COVID-19 safe protocols saying vaccination of all eligible Zimbabweans remains one of the most important interventions.

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