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MDC Alliance MPs In Panic Mode Over Parly Recall Threat

As the founder’s syndrome continue to haunt the opposition MDC Alliance following the March 30 Supreme Court ruling on disputed party leadership and yesterday’s dismissal of four legislators by the rival Thokozani Khupe grouping, a section of parliamentarians from the movement have conceded that they are in a quandary and unsure of what the future holds for them.

Parliamentarians who spoke to 263Chat on condition of anonymity said they were uncertain of what could befall them following the dismissal of their leaders in parliament.

“We have been put in a fix, right now everyone is not sure if he or she is safe. Most of the MPs depend on perks from Government. WhatsApp groups that we used to chant Chamisa Woye have been silent as no one trusts each other. Even if the Alliance commands us to boycott parliament we won’t budge,” said one Harare legislator.

He said the Alliance has been thrown into turmoil by greedy individuals who only want to benefit at the expense of the masses.

“There are greedy individuals who want to benefit at the expense of the suffering people. Imagine we are fighting a system and someone is paid to snoop on us. We know the people who are selling out and right now they feel safe because they are pushing an enemy’s agenda,” he said


Another legislator disclosed that there was a lot of mistrust between opposition legislators as witnessed by little to no conversations in their Whatsapp group.

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“We no longer trust each other, conversations have been limited because once you say something about Chamisa, the Mwonzora team will report you. The Supreme Court judgment has brought confusion within the party. We have been put between a rock and a hard place,” said the legislator.

Others refused to take questions from 263Chat saying they fear being recorded.

“I cannot talk right now, how do I know you are not recording me, talk to Chamisa or Mwonzora.” said another MP

Responding to a question on what they would if they face resistance from legislators, MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Job Sikhala said they were not concerned about individual interests but a common struggle.




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