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More Messages Of Doom For Holy Ten And Kimberly

Holy Ten And New Wife

South Africa-based cleric who is notorious for his accurate predictions of numerous celebrity deaths in the region, Prophet Mellontik Orasi, has shared his comments on Hip Hop star Holy Ten’s recent marriage to Kimberly Richards.

Taking to social media, Orasi stated that Holy Ten’s marriage is doomed to fail, adding to several other messages of doom that have been making rounds on social media regarding the union.

“Even as this marriage yaholy Ten asiri holy won’t last but zvineyi nemi namatirai upenyu hwenyu,” he wrote on Faebook.

Also commenting on the union, self-proclaimed relationship coach, Tawona Shadaya was on record giving the relationship a five years lifeline.

“Marrying an “IT” girl never ends well As MacG said no one in their right mind marries “IT” girls When you marry an “IT” girl, it’s NOT: “Till d€ath do us apart” BUT: “Till money or fame runs out” 5yrs max age, of such marriages Don’t try to turn a ho3 into a housewife,” he wrote on Twitter.He added, “As a man, if you don’t yet understand that a w0man’s value is in her past & that marrying a refurbished ho3, when you’ve achieved some level of financial success or fame, then you’ve earned your right to be fxcked, cause you will be. Only a matter of WHEN not IF. Learn or perish!”

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The marriage of Holy Ten and Kimberly Richards has been surrounded by controversy lately. Rumors of a love triangle involving Holy Ten, Kimberly, and his rival Voltz JT have been circulating, fueled by a leaked video showing Voltz kissing Kimberly.

In addition to the love triangle scandal, Holy Ten has also been accused of being a deadbeat father by the mother of his alleged child, Chelsea Tariro.

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