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You’re Paying For Insulting Winky D: Holy Ten Told

Holy Ten And New Wife

Music lovers have told hip-hop prodigy Holy Ten that his current marital troubles are repercussions for insulting revered Zimdancehall chanter Winky D, unprovoked.

The bad blood between the two artists started after their collaboration on Winky D’s latest album, “Eureka Eureka.” Holy Ten claimed that he was tricked into featuring on a political song without his consent, which led him to label Winky D a “snake longer than his dreadlocks.”

Despite this, Winky D did not respond to the insult.

Now, with Holy Ten’s marriage to Kimberly Richards making headlines, some music fans see his troubles as karma. In a video making rounds, Richards is seen cosied up with Holy Ten’s arch-rival Voltz JT, and speaking on this development, fans said;

“You don’t mock your father as he did. Winky D is as good as his father musically speaking, ari kutanda botso uyu (he is paying for his sins),” Prince Muza, a Harare resident who spoke to this publication, said.

“He was becoming big-headed. This was necessary for him to get a level head, what he said about Winky was disrespectful,” Nothani Hunzvi added.

To add to his woes, soon after paying lobola, Holy Ten’s secret baby mama came out accusing him of being a deadbeat father, and this revelation is likely to have ignited fights in the young couple’s marriage.

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