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Musician Pins New Single Hopes On Poptain

Musician Raydizz has released a precursor single titled In2You – featuring Potain and Midori – as he readies the songs for his upcoming album W.I.E.R.D.

In2You is an uptempo hybrid of dancehall, EDM and Afro-Pop which was produced by Chiweddar.

Addressing media in a statement released over the weekend, Raydizz expressed optimism for this offering pinning hopes on Zimdancehall chanter, Poptain’s wave from the songs “Fadza Mutengi” and “Kokai.”

“On In2You is Dancehall artist Poptain who is riding a substantial wave following a series of big releases in 2020 including his recent radio hit Fadza Mutengi and Kokai. Poptain rides over the song’s progressive soundscape as he switches between an English and Patois delivery effortlessly,” Ray says.


According to Raydizz, US-based songstress Midori’s input also jells the song in what will go a long way to cement the singer’s solo career.

“The song’s chorus was penned and sung by Midori, a young Zimbabwean artist based in Houston, Texas. The talented vocalist displays her unique vocal tone in what is sure to be the first of many impressive performances as she solidifies her solo career,” said Ray.

As a producer and artist RayDizz has released a number of chart-topping singles such as 729 (2013), She Loving The Crew (2014), Don’t Delay (2016) and Panado (2019).

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