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Mutasa North MP legislator Scales Up Small Grain Production 

In the face of climate change effects ,Mutasa North legislator has heeded the call to adapt by  rolling out a small grain initiative to hundreds of households in her constituency.

 By Michelle Chifamba

Mutasa North Member of Parliament Chido Madiwa highlighted how the small grain project was necessitated by the need to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.

“I realised that owing to the effects of climate change there was the need for me to  lead  in adaptation  methods by donating finger millet(rukweza) grain to grow  to  some households  in my constituency,”  said the Zanu PF MP.

She added that so far over 100 households from Gwiriri village have benefitted from the first batch  of the small grain while close to the same number of households will also  get their fair share  soon.

“Recently I was in Gwiriri village where 105 households benefitted from   the finger millet(rukweza) grain seeds  I donated and will soon also give over a 100 households for this  farming season ,”she added.

According   to the legislator who is also the chairperson of the women and gender parliamentary portfolio committee, the small grain project will be on a rotational basis with beneficiaries expected to cede 5kgs of their harvest for the sustainability of  the initiative.

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Finger millet is hailed for its adaptability to both dry and wet   conditions. It is also nutritious and it is believed to   possess health benefits that include lowering blood cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels especially for those who suffer from diabetes.

For this agricultural season, government has set aside 15 000 tonnes of traditional grain seed to sponsor farmers willing to grow  small grains seed which are drought-resistant to ensure food security.

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