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Mwonzora Cornered As MDC Congress Draws Closer

As opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) crunch elective congress draws closer, party deputy President Professor Welshman Ncube has discouraged those planning to rival current leader Nelson Chamisa, describing the move as a political miscalculation.

Ncube’s remarks flies directly in the face of Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora who has already declared his ambition to compete for party presidency.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat, Ncube said;

“You need to be a political astute to be able to make that judgement and expressing my own personal view that given where we are and the challenges we face, given the momentum that we have, any of us who thinks it is appropriate at this stage to change leadership I suspect they would not be making a very wise political judgement. But that is my opinion.  Each individual is ultimately entitled to say no, no, this is the right time. We are a democratic party in a democratic country,

“Each one of us entitled to our opinions and I am also entitled to give advice to my colleagues to that I think you are making a mistake, this is not the right time.”

As the opposition elective congress draw nigh by the day, temperatures are beginning to rise with Chamisa pleading with party members not explode to the extremes.

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Addressing a press briefing at his party headquarters, Chamisa further poured cold water on Deputy Defence Minister Victor Matemadanda’s statement he made last year when he declared that the war veterans preferred Douglas Mwonzora to take charge of the MDC saying Chamisa was immature.

“They want to try and divide us by thinking that they can choose one in our midst. This is not a Zanu PF congress. This is an MDC congress. Why are they showing preference of one candidate or the other? But I know that inside his Matemadanda preferred Chamisa.

The ruling party through its spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo dispelled the allegations that Zanu PF is rallying behind Mwonzora at the opposition forthcoming congress with an intention to destroy Chamisa whom the regime see as a hardliner.

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