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Upcoming Filmmaker Targets Winning Souls


Upcoming filmmaker, Russel Moyo, has released a film titled “Turning Point” which primarily targets educating people on the gospel of God.

Russel  told 263Chat that although he has done several  productions before, “Turning Point ” ,a 45 minute production, is there to educate believers and non believers.

“The movie ‘Turning Point’ is a film that educates believers and non believers. It also teaches young people to stay away from drugs, peer pressure and it also teaches single parents who raise their children to never give up though raising children without a father figure is hard,” said Russel.

He added that winning souls for God is his passion and he does that through his latest work.

“The message that i am trying to send to Christians is if you are in the house of God you can also backslide and you will  open doors for the enemy.

“We need to stay strong and never be led into temptation or spend time with bad company which corrupts good morals.

“The last message speaks to single parents to hold on as they raise kids. Difficult as it may be, It is possible with God and to non Christians we educate about the dangers of drugs and wrong associations. Young people are now involved in drugs and they need enlightened,” he said.

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