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Olinda Hits Back: I Regret Conceiving For Tytan

As drama around United Kingdom-based couple, Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo and Olinda Chapel continues to unfold, the latter has responded to her husband’s public statement expressing regret for conceiving.

She made the remarks in a live Instagram video where she also rubbished Tytan’s domestic abuse allegations saying it is a way to avoid deportation after divorce.

“The domestic abuse case that he has submitted to the police is of just one minor fight we had over a computer. If that is his way to gain immunity from deportation after we divorce then the people advising him are misleading,” she said.

The couple that has been married for just a year welcomed their only baby in April this year whom Olinda says after these events, she regrets conceiving the child.

“This child deserves better If anything I regret conceiving her, she is only three months and already her life starts off in a struggle with a father who constructs all these things,” she bemoaned.

Meanwhile, the news of their marriage on rocks has provoked mixed emotions with most people advising Olinda to take a sabbatical from relationships.

Ironically, Olinda was in the same situation in 2017 with rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

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