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Olinda Restrains Misred


United Kingdom-based socialite Olinda Chapel has expressed displeasure over television and radio personality Misred’s comments about Zimbabweans whom she labelled as an unpatriotic lot.

In a video making waves on social media, Red is captured making a comparison between Zimbabweans and Nigerians arguing that the west Africans have unmatched love for their country.

“People have everything bad to say about this country (and you wonder) so what are we fighting for? absolutely nothing. When you value something so much you will fight to the nail to save it. Nigeria is bad the same way we have our situation, but you can never talk ill about Nigeria to a Nigerian, they are so proud and will speak well of their country,” Red said.

She added, “Nigerians can tell you yes because of corruption things are terrible but I love my country, I love the people, food, culture and the music.”

However, responding to this, Chapel felt Red’s comments were hurtful to victims of alleged state abductions and brutality.

“I think Misred you are being completely disrespectful to the People of Zim. You just need to stop! Some comments you make are very hurtful, especially to people like Itai and Patson Dzamara! And those that were killed by soldiers!” she said.

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Lately Zimbabwe has been under spotlight for alleged state sponsored violence on opposition activists leading to inquiries on the situation by South Africa’s ruling party, ANC.

Misred is not new to controversial comments that often spark public outrage. Recently, in an interview with a Ghanaian radio station during #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, a social movement seeking an end to human rights abuses in the country, Misred was heard saying the campaign was misrepresenting the actual events on the ground, something which did not go well with the public.

Meanwhile, a similar social movement #endsars is currently underway in Nigeria seeking an end to police brutality.

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