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OPINION: Church, A Major Driver Of Gender Based Violence

Women have suffered and continue to suffer gender based violence.

By Shelton Muchena

Regardless of their social standing and intellect, women continue to suffer from gender related issues.

Even the educated and the famous silently suffer from gender related issues.

More worrying is the fact that rape has been a major form of harassment against women and it has been done right inside the church.

Rutendo Makuti a renowned radio was raped by a man of God, prophet T Freddy whom she had entrusted to help her on spiritual matters.

Circumstances leading to her being raped indicated on how much she trusted the man of God to help her on her our of need.

Though she is a famous strong woman of sound intellect, she became a victim.

And yet she chose to suffer silently.

Prophet Walter Magaya of PHD is not new in the court rooms on similar charges. Various women have come out to claim that the man of God had raped them.

Gumbura died in prison after being convicted of raping various women amongst his congregants.

The story of Memory Machaya makes a very sad reading.

Memory Machaya died while giving birth at the age of 14 at a shrine.

A young girl losing life in a church where life is supposedly gained.

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These are some of the examples of how the church has been changed in to a major violator of women rights.

And yet the same men of God continue to get all the glory from their congregants as they chant go deeper papa.

What is then the role of the church when it perpetrates sexual harassment against women.

The so called shepherds are feasting on the flocks and where would the sheep report to.

As the world commomerates the 16 days against gender based violence, the Church of Christ need to be redefined and reformed for lives have been shattered in pulpits.

The true church of Christ need to stand up and speak against all forms of violence against women.

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